Responsible tourism

Here in Levenmouth, we take Responsible Tourism seriously.

We have a number of systems in place to maximise our social benefits, manage the economic benefits and mitigate any negative environmental benefits.

Levenmouth also works hard to maximise the economic effect of tourism by ensuring that food and drink is supplied as locally as possible. Fife is rich in farming and some great food come from this area. By working together, we reduce costs and are able to invest in our people.

Our Action on Climate Change

In September 2023, Welcome to Fife signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Change. As an active member of Welcome to Fife, the Levenmouth Tourism Association acknowledges this and works alongside our partners and members to take positive action towards reducing our CO2 emissions.  With help from Climate Action Fife, such actions include, but are not limited to:

Working with businesses to reduce

Reducing energy loss by creating access to funding for businesses

Encouraging communication around active travel

Campaigning for lower price public transport

Campaigning for EV charging points

Working with Fife Council to develop Active Travel routes

Encouraging low CO2 events

Teaching visitors about the impact of climate change on communities

Governance & Policy

Tourism in Levenmouth is managed and governed in a democratic, transparent and balanced way. 

The Levenmouth Tourism Association is made up of a group of local stakeholders from all three sectors who have an interest in tourism and the visitor economy within the area. Supported by, and working alongside key partners such as Fife Council, Visit Scotland and more, they work together to maximise the visitor experience and social benefits to the local people. 

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