Hello, I'm Postie! Welcome to Levenmouth

Hello, my name is Postcards from Fife, but my friends call me Postie. I was originally part of a trail called Scotties by the Sea, and when it was time for the trail to finish, the wonderful people of Levenmouth decided to come together and buy me so I can live on Leven promenade forever.

I love this area! The views are terrific, I can walk for miles, but my favourite thing is the people! They smile when they see me, take my photo and even let their dogs sniff me! I feel like a celebrity. 

It is very important that you don’t sit on me. I am quite fragile, my paint will scratch easily and I cannot support the weight of a human.

Please look after me so I can make people smile for years to come. 

Woof Woof,


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Postie - A Symbol of a Community Uniting

The beginning: Scotties by the sea

Postie was created as part of an arts trail named Scotties by the Sea. A partnership between St Andrews BID and Wild in Art. The trail was created to get people exploring the stunning Fife coastal locations, and get people really rummaging through St Andrew’s backstreets.


The trail was a smash hit with thousands of people from Fife and beyond coming to see these wonderful uniquely painted sculptures. Each sculpture was sponsored by a local organisation or business and was in place for ten weeks before each was auctioned off to raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Dundee on 30th November 2023.

The Scotties on display during the trail and before the auction. Photo credit: Scotties by the Sea, Instagram

The idea of purchasing Postie as a permanent installation was suggested by a member of the community on Facebook. A member of the Tourism Association saw this and thought it was a great idea.

Research was done by the LLTA into the feasibility of the idea, and the lovely folk at Fife Council were happy to accommodate the sculpture should the campaign be successful. The LLTA members liked the idea so a post was put out to the Levenmouth Community to gauge their interest. 

The idea was a smash hit with over 600 reactions and over 250 comments of people saying how excited they would be to see Postie return and pledging to support the campaign. It was clear this is something the local people wanted, so fundraising page was set up.

As the sale was going to auction, it was unknown how much exactly was needed to be raised, but an target of £5,000 was set. Over the next ten days, the community of Levenmouth pulled together to raise the money to buy Postie. 

The support was overwhelming with donations coming in from local businesses as well as children donating their pocket money to the campaign. 

By the time of the auction, 19:30 on St Andrews Day, £5270 had been raised. This was an incredible effort by the community and an example of the amazing people who live and work in this area. Now it was time to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Auction night had arrived. Representatives from the LLTA were in attendance. Postie was lot three, so early in the night. Tensions were high as the bidding war started, but after a nerve-racking few minutes, the hammer fell and Postie was coming home. A tremendous effort by the people of Levenmouth and the LLTA – an amazing £5000 was donated to Maggie’s Cancer charity in Dundee, and Levenmouth had a new icon.

Please help us take care of Postie by not sitting on her. She might look tough, but she can be damaged easily and very difficult to repair. Thank you very much.

A HUGE Thank you to everybody who sponsored Postie

All of the money raised to buy Postie came from the local community. Around half from local people and donations, and the other half from local businesses and organisations. 

Each year, Postie has a special sponsor who pays for the maintenance.

Show your support for Postie

Postie is here for you to enjoy thanks to the generous donations of the Levenmouth Community.

If you would like to support Levenmouth, you can do by donating to one of our local charities. 

Levenmouth Food Bank is there to support people in a time of crisis, providing them with  with three days worth of nutritionally balanced food.

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