Is your Organisation Rail Ready?

The reopening of the Levenmouth Rail Link poses an unprecedented opportunity for your business. Through increased numbers of day-trippers and overnight tourists, increased events, investment and staffing opportunities, there has never been a better time to check in with opportunities, ensure your staff are as ready as they can be, do some networking, review your practices and check your online visibility.

Please read the information below. And remember – you are not on your own. There is support and help and people to turn to for any questions you may have regarding the railway opening. 

Delivered by the Levenmouth Local Tourism Association, The Rail Ready Campaign offers your business:

  • Business support and advice
  • Additional staff training and development opportunities
  • Additional networking opportunities
  • Access to local area information
  • Additional marketing and promotion opportunities
  • Signposting towards financial opportunities for your business
And did we mention that it’s ALL FREE?


Fife Council

Fife Council Economic Development Team have produced the leaflet below 

We provide a wide range of support and advice to individuals looking to set up in business, and newly formed and existing businesses looking to grow and develop.

Our experienced business advisers provide tailored advice, with access to a range of business information including market research, supplier and company lists, credit checks and statistics. We also deliver a varied programme of fully funded workshops, including start-up sessions and skills events.

Click on the logo to head through to the Business Gateway Fife website and see what opportunities are available to your business or organisation.


Green Initiatives

Climate Action Fife

Making your businesses greener has never been more important.

Not only is it better for reducing your impact on climate chance, but it an also have a positive impact on your profits.

Travellers are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint when they travel and will actively seek out businesses with stronger environmental credentials. 

Additionally, by reducing waste of both energy and food, your outgoings will be reduced meaning your profits are given a boost.

Help from Climate Action Fife costs nothing. From energy audits to giving you advice and even grants to help your business make the changes needed, get in touch with Louise on the details below.


Marketing Support from the Tourism Industry

Did you know tourism is the largest economy in the world? A driver of more employment than any other sector? And that is particularly the case here in Scotland with lots of work put in to drive the tourism economy, sustain jobs and ensure a positive image. 

Here in Scotland, over three million people visit from overseas. You can learn more about visitors to Scotland by clicking this link. Combined with the millions of potential day-trips from other parts of Scotland, there is a huge market of people who would enjoy a visit here.

Levenmouth as a destination has huge potential for a number of reasons. The location is ideal situated an estimated one hour twenty to Edinburgh, and within easy reach of other destinations. 

Levenmouth is perfect stop off while travelling to other parts of Scotland. With the mesmerising stretch of golden sand and fascinating industrial heritage we offer something other places cannot. It offers a great range of visitor attractions to suit any age group and all demographics, a few days or more can easily be filled. Furthermore, there are lots of independent businesses which can add cultural immersion and can make for a richer experience.

To really get the best out of this, there are organisations set up to develop the tourism industry through communication, research and other means. Named Destination Management Organisations or DMOs, the three operating here are The Levenmouth Local Tourism Association (LLTA), Welcome to Fife and Visit Scotland (VS).

Levenmouth Local Tourism Association

The Levenmouth Local Tourism Association is an open group of community members from the hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses within Levenmouth. The benefits of becoming involved in the Local Tourism Association are numerous. Members can network with other people and organisations in a relaxed and informal manner, discuss existing challenges and examine best practice. 

Ongoing Local Tourism Association initiatives can help attract visitors and lead to new opportunities for sales and increased business. Through greater commercial interaction and collaboration, Local Tourism Association membership can help businesses grow, increase their exposure and meet their key objectives.

They oversee the website and all social media handles “Welcome to Levenmouth”.

Meetings are held throughout the year and are open to all hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses.

Local Tourism Association Aims and Objectives

  • To develop an active network of visitor businesses in the Levenmouth
  • To promote and encourage training for tourism businesses
  • To build effective linkages with other organisations and interest groups in Levenmouth and whole Fife region
  • To establish effective linkages with the Welcome to Fife, Visit Scotland and other national agencies
  • To promote the work of the Levenmouth Local Tourism Association locally, nationally and internationally

Ongoing Local Tourism Association initiatives can help attract visitors and lead to new opportunities for sales and increased business. Through greater commercial interaction and collaboration, Local Tourism Association membership can help businesses grow, increase their exposure and meet their key objectives.

Levenmouth Local Tourism Association Project Manager

Matt Pointon has been appointed as Project Manager to deliver tourism activity identified by the LLTA as part of the Levenmouth Reconnected project. To connect with Matt please email

Welcome to Fife

The Welcome to Fife was set up in 2010 after consultation with the tourism sector in Fife. It is responsible for:

  • Setting the tourism priorities for Fife
  • Overseeing the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the Fife Tourism Strategy
  • Engaging and lobbying on behalf of the tourism sector in Fife within the national tourism context
  • Driving the tourism economy through developing a quality product in Fife
  • Supporting the Local Tourism Associations to help them develop new products that can be taken to market through Welcome to Fife initiatives or through VisitScotland
  • Encouraging people working in the industry to develop their skills and to promote tourism as a positive career choice


Welcome to Fife is underpinned by six Local Tourism Associations whose role is to collaborate with businesses in their area to deliver and develop local tourism products, initiatives, leaflets and guides. Learn more about joining your Local Tourism Association.

Welcome to Fife is steered by its Executive Board consisting of industry representatives from the tourism sector. Your main contacts within the Fife Tourism Partnership are:

Manager Hilary Roberts –

Tourism Officer – Linn Williamson –

Welcome to Fife can offer your employees World Host training provided by Fife College. Please email to express interest and for more information.

Welcome to Fife can help you promote your business, give you opportunities to network and learn with like-minded businesses, offer practical support and signpost you to help and advice to grow your business. Get in touch with Linn Williamson to discuss how they can help. 

Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland are the National Destination Management and Marketing Agency for Scotland. Their main focus is on attracting as many people to visit the country and promoting the destinations within Scotland.

Having an international audience, they can really help you get the word out about your business.

James Sinclair is the Industry Relationship Manager for Fife –

Business advice and support

Your Industry Relationship Manager (IRM) is part of the wider Destination Development Team. Their key focus is to help tourism businesses capitalise on opportunities for sustainable growth.

Your IRM supports industry to deliver digital excellence, effective distribution and memorable experiences.

Through our regional outreach, the team gathers insights into the local tourism offering. This allows them to develop a better understanding of how to help you develop and grow your business.

They provide tailored support aimed at helping your tourism business:

  • maximise your distribution channels
  • adopt a responsible tourism offering

    Key areas where an IRM can provide support

  • Direct bookings: We understand that direct bookings will continue to be a priority for many tourism businesses. We can support you to achieve direct bookings by ensuring your online visibility. IRMs offer digital reviews which provide you with actionable advice.
  • We also work in partnership with Business Gateway to deliver in-depth, practical webinars. To further help with direct website traffic, view our recent webinars recordings.

  • Indirect bookings: Intermediaries are an important part of your distribution model. Whether that’s working with Online Travel Agents (OTAs) or the travel trade, these intermediaries are far reaching. They can help boost your your sales revenue and profitability. There are different methods and tactics to consider when working with intermediaries. We can guide and help coach what that might look like for your tourism business.

  • Online bookings: Some tourism sectors, such as accommodation, are well represented when it comes to being bookable online. This is less often the case in the tourism experiences sector. To stay competitive, we can help experience businesses navigate online bookability. Sourcing a booking solution which works for your experience can turn ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’.

  • Product development: Within regions, we aim to increase the spread of tourism benefits from a seasonal and geographical perspective. Developing new, responsible, bookable product will benefit tourism businesses and increase visitor choice. We can work with you to identify product development potential for certain markets.

  • Responsible tourism: Our approach to responsible tourism supports businesses to adopt, adapt and improve. It’s not just about the steps you can take to reduce carbon emissions. It’s also about creating thriving communities and the protection of our natural and cultural heritage. It’s about making our experiences inclusive. We want to understand your current responsible practices and help you expand these. Providing a fuller more responsible tourism offering can lead you to new markets.
  • You can also sign-up to our newsletter to get updates on upcoming programs.