Welcome To East Wemyss

All things beautiful with East Wemyss

Many of the historic buildings in East Wemyss have been beautifully renovated and restored, transforming this former mining village into one of the most picturesque spots in Levenmouth. With two castles, cliffs dotted with caves decorated 4,000 years ago by the local Picts and spectacular views across the Firth Of Forth, East Wemyss is picture-postcard perfect.

Once home to miners and their families, a terrible fire in a nearby pit almost sixty years ago led to nine miners losing their lives, the pit closing and many of those in the village losing their livelihoods. For a time, East Wemyss’ future looked bleak. However, thanks to a highly-successful regeneration project, East Wemyss is now a must-visit destination, with its whitewashed cottages, red pantile roofs and step-gabled walls.


Stroll along the water’s edge to Wemyss Caves Visitor Centre, where, as well as a fascinating museum, guided tours of the caves and their ancient carvings are available during the summer months. Trek up the cliffs to explore the ruins of MacDuff’s Castle, stronghold of the Earls of Fife when Macbeth was King of the Scots. Perched further along the clifftop lies privately-owned Wemyss Castle and its stunning gardens, which, by arrangement, are open during the summer months.