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Methil is a fascinating place. There’s been a settlement here for over 8,000 years, with two Bronze Age cemeteries highlighting the area’s importance in the ancient Kingdom of the Picts. Since then, it’s undergone a few redevelopments – from historic Salt Toun to Scotland’s greatest coal port to green energy hub. 

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Industry’s long been at the heart of life in Methil. Previously one of Fife’s Salt Touns, where sea water was evaporated on an industrial scale to make highly-prized salt, when the Fife mining industry was at its peak in the 1920s, over three million tonnes of Fife’s black gold were shipped from Methil Docks every year. Today, the town’s principal industry is a greener, more sustainable method of making energy – Methil’s the home of one of Scotland’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines.

Methil Heritage Centre’s, which is hopefully soon to reopen, is an excellent source of information about the town’s industries, including Levenmouth’s 59 pits, and the people who once lived and worked in Methil. Take a walk along the High Street, which once had more pubs per square mile than anywhere else in Scotland and now has a good selection of town centre businesses, including shops, art galleries, a restaurant and a bar.